Limber Up

Limber: characterized by ease in bending the body; supple; pliable

Being limber is more than just being a human Gumby. It’s a blend of flexibility, mobility, and balance.

But many people will think limber = stretching.  Not quite. Turns out it takes more than just stretching

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to have pliable muscles that can be repeatedly stretched, actively or passively, without injury. You want to move around freely without your body yelling back.

How do you know if you’re inflexible and what exactly is flexibility and mobility?  Start with our Performance Standards Test

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to find out where you’re at.

Ways to get up and get limber

Balance is one of your best weapons

And you’ll see a lot people do this before they run, exercise, or if just something feels tight. But….Should you stretch

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Limber Up and learn how to Live Free with Fusion.